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Sleeping Beauty Merlin 

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"You know you’re really not allowed to face death without me."

I was just playing this game called Tension with my family and some friends - for those who don’t know it, you are given a category from a card, and have to list as many things associated with that category, getting points for each one that’s on the card. My sister’s team got "Things Associated with King Arthur" and I was sitting there in agony as they went “OH that sword thing!” and “THE WOMAN OF THE WATER” and “damn, what are the knights called again?”. They got 3 points. 

P.S. The first thing listed on the card was Merlin. Not Gwen.

Does anyone watch both Supernatural and Buffy religiously, that could tell me which one is better?


Sometimes I feel like this was the most important scene in the series because it shows how alike they are. They’re two men trapped in their joint destiny, hurtling headlong into things they can’t control with only each for support.

They didn’t choose each other but I feel like if they could do everything over, they’d still pick each other over everyone else.

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  • Merlin: Maybe I should go around wearing a pointy hat.
  • Gaius: I don't think you'll find one big enough...
For those who haven’t watched the show, it gets gayer.