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Leon - the Real Star of Merlin ;)








If you replace the words Warlock/King/Sorcerer/magic with the word “Gay” Merlin is a whole different show.

"I’m a gay, I have gay" "Merlin, you are not a gay. I would know"







"Arthur, he doesn’t just have gay…there are those who say he’s the greatest gay ever to walk the earth."

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The Camelot cake I made my friend :) it has a lot of chocolatey deliciousness inside.


girls don’t want boys, girls want the dripping wet once and future king of all albion dancing to ice ice baby

Ice Bucket Challenges by Bradley James, Eion Macken, Alexander Vlahos, Tom Hopper, Anthony Head, Adetomiwa Edun and Katie McGrath.

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I was stalking someone’s tumblr, and my dad looked over my shoulder and saw that it said “clotpole and dollophead” and asked if it was a cartoon. My mother is far better, she is this close to naming our pet rabbit Merthur.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful Dollophead.

I can’t believe you’re finally an adult – I remember you saying you were 12 years old (13 in a few days) that week that we ran away from zombies and filmed backstage without turning the camera on and had dramatic “food” and you had never watched Friends – and I had never watched Merlin. Or Gilmore Girls. Or Awkward or Skins or The Breakfast Club or HIMYM and Pitch Perfect wasn’t out and neither was Easy A which means I have no clue what my ringtone was back in those days. Fireflies wasn’t out and we had never seen a play together and you had just turned vegetarian and I was certain that as soon as we started school you would ditch me to be popular HAHAHA.

The last five years, as you know, have been hell for me in many ways. But you have been an anti-Angel, I guess is the term :p . There is so much I need to thank you for, and I am so grateful that you’ve been there through everything (I can’t think of a worry I’ve had that I haven’t shared with you), and I hope that you have felt the same with me, although I know the last few months I’ve kind of been rubbish. I hope you know how special you are to me, and here without wifi in the middle of Brazil I will find thousands of things during the day that I can’t wait to tell you about, and all these panics and weird awkward questions on my mind and I think of my closest friends and who to share them with, and I know I can always talk about stuff with you. Especially dumb stuff, because you’re an idiot (I hope you got the Robin 101 reference). Remember when you thought my brownies had bacon in them, and when you thought that women got their periods throughout pregnancy ;) , and when you punched me in front of Miss Ricks. I will remember our talk at Frannie’s at 3am forever, and our English lessons together underlying when Ariel said “destiny” and “do you love me master” and the train journeys and the DofEs and the DAMN IT ALLIGATOR SKY and I just love you so much. That is all. My life over the past 5 years wouldn’t have been the same without you, and thank you for having a house that I can run to in a song and a half, and a window I can throw pinecones at, and tuna for your cats and sleeves you roll up so I can druid sign your arms and incredible skills at drawing whatever that was on the top of your page that day in English, and throwing hussyface’s flip flop out the window in France, and so much more. No matter how we change now that we’re all adulty and rubbish, I hope we will never not be able to pick up the phone and randomly ramble to each other. You are the (give me a moment to open the Gay Couples I Ship note on my phone…) the Sid to my Tony, the Cemeron to my Ferris, the Woody to my Buzz, the Pumba to my Timone, the Gibbs to my Captain Jack Sparrow (Captain Jack Sparrow), the Skipper to my Brick (except I hope you don’t die), the Mephaplopigous to my Faustus, the Percival to my Gwain, the Oliver to my Jackson, the Yolland to my Owen, kind of the Othello to my Iago… except you’re not black enough, even on the inside even… the BARN-ED, the Matty to my Jake, the Joey to my Chandler, the Dan to my Phil, and I think that’s it…. Lewl, just kidding, the Merlin to my Arthur, and the Colin to my Bradley.

If there is one thing I am sure of about my future at the moment, it is that we will be friends forever. I love you to infinity and beyond, a day without you is like a year without rain, even though high school doesn’t never end and we’re not all someone’s son and we’ve never once looked at each other down the barrels of guns, don’t you forget about me. I’ll forget the world that I knew, but I swear I won’t forget you because no one else can make me feel the way that you do – I promise you. And a bunch of other song references I had to cut out because it got too ridiculous. DO THE SNOWCONE SLIDE. God, we listen to a lot of music.

I’ll love you and be here for you forever. Happy 18th Birthday LoserButt